Second screen is dead!


TV, online videos, or movies: consumers love these media worldwide. TV and online video are becoming more and more of a “background” medium. While watching, consumers surf the web on their smartphone or tablet. Many TV broadcasters have recognized this fact and have tried to counteract the trend with second screen applications – to no avail: second screen is dead!

The problem is that these applications are often not as smart as the consumers expect them to be. With RadioScreen, we have solved this problem and offer a solution that keeps video content and smartphones truly synchronized.


Simultaneously advertise on multiple media


Thanks to our patent-pending content sync technology, we use the audio signals from videos on TV, the web, or in movies to send context-sensitive content and advertising messages to the consumer’s smart device. The potential uses are limitless.

For example you can extend your TV commercial, your pre-roll ad, or your cinema ad directly onto the consumer’s smartphone by displaying synchronized matching content (promotions, special offers, coupons, forms, etc.) on their smart device. Or give the consumer the opportunity to get further information about the topic, such as the actors.

Not only traditional advertisements can be enhanced. Even when using product placement in movies and TV shows, RadioScreen enables the advertiser also to explicitly convey their message through the user’s smartphone or tablet. So for example, when a soft drink is naturally integrated into the plot of a film, it is synchronized directly with a matching banner ad on the consumer’s phone.


TV / Cinema / VOD ads



You can act independently thanks to the self-service administrative interface


The app functionality can be adapted using pre-defined templates. A simple, user-friendly web front-end helps you control the app and create campaigns, so you and the customer can always communicate easily and comfortably!




Integration is extremely simple


RadioScreen technology can be integrated into your existing app – or apps from third parties with wide reach – using an SDK upgrade. So it’s not a second screen, it’s an enhancement to existing applications!


Radioscreen: Whitelabel oder SDK

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