New advertising formats & more revenue for radio broadcasters

With RadioScreen, the radio ads become mobile and interactive

RadioScreen enables new forms of mobile and interactive advertisement. You open up an additional and completely new revenue channel. Our innovative advertisement formats utilize the latest technology for audiovisual synchronization and for content-based and user-sensitive targeting.

1. Synchronized visual reinforcement of the conventional audio ads

By connecting the conventional audio ads on the radio to visual (or video) supplementary content on the screen of a mobile device, the advertisement can be experienced interactively and leads the user directly to the point of sale.


2. Content-based and user-sensitive advertisement (Targeting)

The visual advertisements displayed on the screen of the mobile device are adjusted according to the audio content. The combination of the broadcaster’s profile, the particular radio program, as well as the user profile and user behavior, leads to the display of a personalized and behavior-based advertisement.


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