The Problem: Digitalization is a challenge for the radio business.


Digitalization has already been transforming the media industry for years. However, based on the permanent availability and high degree of mobility, the radio industry is already in a great position to assert itself in the new digital world, even moving forward into the future. Yet three challenges have to be mastered:

  1. Radio lacks interactivity between the broadcaster and the listener.
  2. The available radio apps stick to the traditional radio program structure too much.
  3. So far, there have been no successful attempts to monetize mobile radio usage.


Die digitale Herausforderung der Radio-Branche.




The solution: RadioScreen – and radio has become visible!


Our white-label solution RadioScreen is the answer to the new media challenges. Using a simple app upgrade, you can tap into new revenue potential and strengthen listener loyalty – made possible through new interactive functionality such as games, community features, interactive voting, and more. But most importantly, RadioScreen enables you to display various forms of visual advertising (banners, animation, videos, etc.) in your radio app – synchronized with the audio elements (ad spots, program promotions, jingles etc.) in the program currently running. Additionally, listeners can react to the thematic offers and content directly using a connected landing page. And it works no matter what technology is used for listening to the broadcast: analogue, digital, or streaming on a smart device! Countless varieties of visual advertising are possible!

Using everyone’s digital companion, the smartphone, your radio app will become a hub for digital communication bundling. RadioScreen enables you to combine all your relevant content and communication channels into a single app, and makes this available to the listener:

  • Homepage & social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.)
  • Direct communication instead of WhatsApp and telephone
  • Secondary use of your editorial content (i.e. local news or podcasts)


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New ad formats & more revenue for radio broadcasters

New ad formats & more revenue

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Stronger listener loyalty with your mobile radio-app

Stronger listener loyalty with your mobile radio-app

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Easily upgrade your mobile radio app for free

Easily upgrade your mobile radio app

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Countless variation in ad templates