World premier of new advertising format on Radio Arabella – RadioScreen and Radio Arabella begin audiovisual synchronization of radio advertisements

June, 17th 2015 – Press Release

Radio advertising has made the leap to mobile devices with an interactive smartphone app. The partner in this development is the Hamburg-based company, RadioScreen GmbH, which includes the long-term Alsterradio general manager, Ulrich Bunsmann, among its founders and CEOs.

The centerpiece of this newly developed app is an innovative radio advertising format that is the first of its kind. The audio commercial on the radio is synchronized with the broadcaster’s app and a corresponding visual supplement (video, animated banner, etc.) is played on the screen of the mobile device, regardless of whether the listener is tuned in via FM or digital streaming!

This enables a variety of supplements and extensions to the traditional radio advertisements, including direct interaction with the advertisers. The smartphone screen thus turns into an interactive RadioScreen.

The radio app is controlled using a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) module. In addition to the innovative advertising format, it also controls many more app features, which turn the new Radio Arabella App into a truly interactive channel between the broadcaster and the listener. With this development, Radio Arabella has completed the transition from just offering a radio service app to providing a radio app that is an actual communication channel.

Radio Arabella’s CEO, Roland Schindzielorz, sees the new app as a great opportunity for radio as an advertising medium: We connect the popular and successful effectiveness of broadcast radio advertising with the interactive opportunities of the digital world – it is both an inexpensive and great possibility to accompany our customers on the path to digitalization.

Michael Schmittner, the chief online editor at Radio Arabella, above all welcomes the new possibilities to get in contact with the listeners directly: In the USA, 30% of radio listeners with a social media profile say that they more frequently listen to broadcasters that interact with them directly. The smartphone is becoming more and more of a mobile communication center; “passive” services simply aren’t enough anymore.

For the RadioScreen CEO, Thoralf Nehls, the cooperation with Radio Arabella is a very important first step, but will soon be followed by many more: RadioScreen is a white-label solution. The current radio apps can be easily updated to suit the needs of the radio broadcasters – either as a complete solution or only with individual features such as the audiovisual ad-synchronization!