Tipped for success: RadioScreen acquires first round financing for accelerating growth

Hamburg, September 2nd, 2015 – RadioScreen, provider of innovative solutions for radio apps and advertising, is accelerating its growth by a first round financing. Three new investors are supporting the Hamburg-based startup which introduced a worldwide new ad format for the radio industry.

By connecting the conventional audio ads on the radio to visual (or video) supplementary content on the screen of a mobile device, radio ads can be experienced interactively and leads the user directly to the point of sale. “We’re glad that we were able to convince three new investors with a proven record in the technology industry,” says Thoralf Nehls, one of the two co-founders and co-CEOs. Ulrich Bunsmann, the second co-founder and co-CEO is adding: “Since we have successfully finished the development of our app solution and were able to launch first projects for our customers, this external round financing is marking a new mile stone in our track record. Our three new partners are able to help us accelerate our growth in the upcoming months.”

Axel Ewert, CEO of AEIOU Capital GmbH, about the investment: “I am observing the development of RadioScreen since the beginning and am glad to join the future path by raising the business potential. The internationalization in particular has the chance to be a solid growth engine.

John Benad, CEO of MARKTGUT GmbH and management consultant, was also able to see the full potential: “If executed successfully, RadioScreen has the chance to be the bridge between the era of analogue radio and the era of digital radio. And who knows, maybe we are able to conquer new industries as well. The RadioScreen technology, registered for patent approval, has the potential to be used by other areas of the media industry like TV, Video or In-Store-Advertising.

The third investor is Florian Rühl, Chief Sales Officer of a technology company. He is contributing his expertise in launching new products and technologies: “Based on my activities in the area of the industry 4.0 I know for sure which opportunities and challenges are inherited in a change of paradigm within an industry. With an experienced management, RadioScreen has the best starting position to lead this change within the media industry.“

The next mile stones for RadioScreen are now to face those challenges as well as to convincing more national and international customers of its solution. Growth is coming.