The New 95.5 Charivari-App: München und Musik kompakt

Radioscreen GmbH relaunches the smartphone app for the Munich broadcaster 95.5 Charivari

Hamburg, 6. Oktober 2016 – Available this fall in a completely optimized look: the updated app for 95.5 Charivari – Munich’s hit radio – has been released as a completely new version for iOS and Android, thanks to Radioscreen GmbH. At the customer’s request, the relaunch highlights the broadcaster’s core competencies: knowledge of music & Munich. At the heart of the new smartphone app, on the one hand there is the central news feed “München kompakt,” with the latest and most interesting info from Munich, and of course on the other hand there is the music of Munich’s hit radio station. The broadcaster’s live-stream and six additional music channels from 95.5 Charivari are available to the listeners anywhere, anytime. For example, fans can listen to Enrico Ostendorf 24/7 on the extra “party-hitmix” channel. All of that comes with significantly improved streaming quality.

With the Radioscreen product, 95.5 Charivari has their finger on the pulse of the times. The broadcaster is now, more than ever, a part of the listener’s daily life. The new app provides direct contact with the broadcasting studio: text, images, or voice messages can be sent to the moderators directly at any time. In the social media stream, Facebook, Twitter, and listener content are combined in one central location. With an easy-to-use voting function, the studio can quickly collect opinions from the listeners on current events.

An important part of the new 95.5 Charivari app is the wide range of services: in addition to the news, weather, and traffic, the 95.5 Charivari listeners can also find an event calendar or browse the playlist for song titles from the radio program and rate them directly.

Furthermore, the synchronization technology developed by the app-provider, Radioscreen GmbH, offers the potential in the future to link content from the current radio program simultaneously with visual elements in the app, thereby making radio visible and extending it into the multimedia realm.

95.5 Charivari CEO, Thomas Hagenauer, appears to be fully satisfied with the new presentation form on his listeners’ mobile devices: “Radio is still the most popular daily companion. Not only can it not be missing from the smartphone, but it has to be truly present and relevant there as well. With our new app, we are taking another huge step forward.

Radioscreen CEO, Thoralf Nehls: “Based on our white label concept, the 95.5 Charivari app was able to be completely redesigned and tailored to the needs of the broadcaster in the shortest possible time – within the next few months, we are going to enhance it with entirely new possibilities in the field of location-based marketing.