More Interactivity, Complete Service, Audiovisual Ad Formats: App Relaunch with Technology from RadioScreen GmbH

Hamburg/Freiburg –, the radio broadcaster for Freiburg and South Baden has started the year 2016 with a comprehensive relaunch of its smartphone app. In addition to the established services, new version contains numerous new features, which will turn the app into a central mobile communication channel to and from the program’s listeners. The new app was developed by the Hamburg company RadioScreen GmbH.

The new app is the listener’s direct contact with the broadcasting studio: text, images, or voice messages can be sent to the moderators at any time. Broadcaster and listener content is brought together centrally in the social media stream. Also, with an easy-to-use voting function, the studio staff can quickly collect their listeners’ opinions on current topics.

There is a significantly expanded range of services in the new app: in addition to the standards – news, traffic, and events – there is a special feature for the fans of the Freiburg ice hockey team, as well as a media library, where you can not only find segments from the program, but also a large number of videos from the broadcasting area.

The broadcaster also takes a new approach to connecting the radio program and advertisements with banners and videos on the smartphone app display: with the help of the synchronization technology developed by RadioScreen GmbH, in the future, program content and ad content from the program currently being broadcasted can be simultaneously linked to visual elements in the app. The opportunity to react to these elements immediately makes radio interactive to an extent that has never been seen before. CEO Christian Noll: “The smartphone is becoming more and more of a mobile communication center. Radio, which is still the most popular daily companion, cannot and must not be left out of that. Our new app links perfect service and interaction, so we can keep in close contact with our listeners on the way.”

RadioScreen CEO Ulrich Bunsmann: “The app combines the success story of linear radio with the interactive opportunities of the digital world. It was completely redesigned based on our white-label concept and tailored to the broadcaster’s desires – aside from this kind of complete solution, we can also integrate partial solutions into existing broadcaster apps using associated software interfaces.”


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