Based on RadioScreen Technology, Radio Mittelweser Launches Interactive Radio and Interactive Radio Advertising

Hamburg / Nienburg, Dec. 3rd, 2015 – Radio Mittelweser Launches an Interactive Smartphone App for Android and iOS Devices Based on New Technology from RadioScreen GmbH.

The most important part of the newly developed app is its innovative radio-advertising format. The spot that you hear broadcast on the radio is synchronized with the Radio Mittelweser app, which then displays corresponding images on the smartphone screen to supplement the ad, such as an animated banner or even a video. The advertisers also have the opportunity to provide additional links, which could be used to give the listener coupons or other offers.

Egon Garding, the CEO of Radio Mittelweser, sees this new app as a major opportunity for radio as a local advertising medium: “We are combining the successful effects of the widely broadcast radio advertisement with the digital world – a sensational opportunity for many of our customers to display mobile ads for the first time.

But what does the listener get from all this? The new Radio Mittelweser app finally enables true interaction between the listener and the broadcaster. The listener can communicate with the broadcaster, take part in local and interregional surveys, and even participate in interactive contests. Radio Mittelweser welcomes the new possibilities for getting in contact with the listener directly. “Our omnipresent smartphone is becoming more and more of a mobile communication center between the broadcaster and listener.

For RadioScreen GmbH, the cooperation with Radio Mittelweser is an important step in the local radio broadcasting sector. The RadioScreen management says: “The future of advertising is cross-media: on multiple devices and on the listener’s permanent companion, the smartphone, synchronized!


About RadioScreen GmbH

At RadioScreen, we have made it our task to enable interactive radio advertising and to make this visible on the listener’s smartphone. The company, founded in 2013 by the Ulrich Bunsmann, a radio industry veteran, and Thoralf Nehls, serial entrepreneur, has developed a patent-pending method that synchronizes a spot broadcasted on the radio with interactive advertising formats on a mobile app. Several radio broadcasters have already been convinced by its potential and are moving into the future using RadioScreen technology.



Thoralf Nehls, CEO,, +49 173 870 15 78
Ulrich Bunsmann, CEO,, +49 171 21 20 942


About Radio Mittelweser

Radio Mittelweser is a local FM radio broadcaster from Nienburg (Lower Saxony, Germany) that started in March 2014. Radio Mittelweser plays a mix of music from the 80s, 90s, and today’s hits. The broadcaster also reports news from the region. World news is provided on the hour, as well as local news weekdays halfway through the hour. The broadcaster is mainly characterized by its regional focus.



Egon Garding, CEO,, +49 171 16 76 016