The New 95.5 Charivari-App: München und Musik kompakt

06.10.2016 – RadioScreen / 95.5 Charivari

Radioscreen GmbH relaunches the smartphone app for the Munich broadcaster 95.5 Charivari

95.5 CharivariHamburg, 6. Oktober 2016 – Available this fall in a completely optimized look: the updated app for 95.5 Charivari – Munich’s hit radio – has been released as a completely new version for iOS and Android, thanks to Radioscreen GmbH. At the customer’s request, the relaunch highlights the broadcaster’s core competencies: knowledge of music & Munich. At the heart of the new smartphone app, on the one hand there is the central news feed “München kompakt,” with the latest and most interesting info from Munich, and of course on the other hand there is the music of Munich’s hit radio station. The broadcaster’s live-stream and six additional music channels from 95.5 Charivari are available to the listeners anywhere, anytime. For example, fans can listen to Enrico Ostendorf 24/7 on the extra “party-hitmix” channel. All of that comes with significantly improved streaming quality.

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Radio Mittelweser: 20 % app growth every month

10.06.2016 – RadioScreen / Radio Mittelweser

Congratulations to our customer RADIO MITTELWESER:

  • 83,8 % awareness,
  • 63,7 % reach,
  • 39 % cume and
  • 11,1 % listeners per day add up to
  • the No. 1 position for commercial local radio in Lower Saxony.

Part of the success story is the new RADIO MITTELWESER app created by Radioscreen. 20 % download growth per month since the launch in December 2015 are a clear proof of concept for the station and for the app developer.





More Interactivity, Complete Service, Audiovisual Ad Formats: App Relaunch with Technology from RadioScreen GmbH

RadioScreen /

Hamburg/Freiburg –, the radio broadcaster for Freiburg and South Baden has started the year 2016 with a comprehensive relaunch of its smartphone app. In addition to the established services, new version contains numerous new features, which will turn the app into a central mobile communication channel to and from the program’s listeners. The new app was developed by the Hamburg company RadioScreen GmbH.

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Based on RadioScreen Technology, Radio Mittelweser Launches Interactive Radio Advertising – Increased Revenue of up to 9% Expected

Jan. 11th, 2016 – RadioScreen / Radio Mittelweser

Radio Mittelweser Launches an Interactive Smartphone App for Android and iOS Devices Based on New Technology from RadioScreen GmbH. […]

Egon Garding, the CEO of Radio Mittelweser, sees this new app as a major opportunity for radio as a local advertising medium: “We are combining the successful effects of the widely broadcast radio advertisement with the digital world – a sensational opportunity for many of our customers to display mobile ads for the first time, and also for us at Radio Mittelweser to achieve a significant increase in revenue. We have forecasted an increase of advertising revenue of up to 9%.”

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Radioscreen Interactive Radio Advertising on App

Oct. 10th, 2015 – UnitedNetworker

Briefly introduce your startup company RadioScreen!

Ulrich Bunsmann: As the name suggests, RadioScreen is a company that mainly deals with the topic of radio, but to be more specific, our goal is to turn radio into a serious player in the field of mobile advertising. The German radio broadcasters, with their strong listener loyalty and over 16 million downloads of broadcasting apps, are actually predestined for this. Yet their piece of the mobile advertising pie has been almost microscopic until now. We think that we have found a way to change that. Realizing this goal is a very special desire for me, as someone who has been working in the field almost since the beginning of private radio broadcasting in Germany…

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Tipped for success: RadioScreen acquires first round financing for accelerating growth

September 2nd, 2015 – Press Release

RadioScreen, provider of innovative solutions for radio apps and advertising, is accelerating its growth by a first round financing. Three new investors are supporting the Hamburg-based startup which introduced a worldwide new ad format for the radio industry.

By connecting the conventional audio ads on the radio to visual (or video) supplementary content on the screen of a mobile device, radio ads can be experienced interactively and leads the user directly to the point of sale. “We’re glad that we were able to convince three new investors with a proven record in the technology industry,” says Thoralf Nehls, one of the two co-founders and co-CEOs.

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World premier of new advertising format on Radio Arabella – RadioScreen and Radio Arabella begin audiovisual synchronization of radio advertisements

June, 17th 2015 – Press Release

Radio advertising has made the leap to mobile devices with an interactive smartphone app. The partner in this development is the Hamburg-based company, RadioScreen GmbH, which includes the long-term Alsterradio general manager, Ulrich Bunsmann, among its founders and CEOs.

The centerpiece of this newly developed app is an innovative radio advertising format that is the first of its kind. The audio commercial on the radio is synchronized with the broadcaster’s app and a corresponding visual supplement (video, animated banner, etc.) is played on the screen of the mobile device, regardless of whether the listener is tuned in via FM or digital streaming!

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„Monetize your app“ – Visit RadioScreen at Lokalrundfunktage Nürnberg

April 27, 2015 – News

Today we would like to anounce our participation at Lokalrundfunktage Nürnberg in June 2015. As an exhibitor and speaker we will introduce the audience to the challenges of radio advertisting on mobile devices and discuss our solution for the audiovisual sync.




Development completed: let’s get started

March 16, 2015 – News

Several months of development have been passed since our first introduction of RadioScreen. Today marks a new milestone in our quest to revolutionize mobile radio-advertising. The development of the first release version of RadioScreen is completed and the solution can be shipped to potential customers. „I’m extremly satisfied with our solution. Especially the easy-to-use interface for creating audio-visually synchronized ads is stunning“, says Ulrich Bunsmann, manging director & co-founder.

What’s next? Thoralf Nehls, managing director & co-founder gives the answer: „Now we’re starting the marketing and sales machine in order to aquire new radio stations for our solution. Several stations already showed interests in the last couple of months. I’m sure that we will see the first apps released this summer.“

Ok, so full steam ahead.



„Closing the gap between radio and the smartphone“ [Interview]

November 6, 2014 – Broadcast-Future!

RadioScreen GmbH is planning to release a new audio-visual advertising format in January 2015. It is meant to connect and synchronize the classic radio advertisement simultaneously with an interactive visual offer in the smartphone and tablet apps of participating radio programs. One of the shareholders and directors of RadioScreen GmbH is the longtime managing director of the Hamburg commercial broadcaster Alsterradio, Ulrich Bunsmann. We spoke with him about the potential to market the app and what makes it different to its competitors.

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When radio advertising learned to walk – RadioScreen GmbH gets Appwerk developers on board. [Press Release]

October 21, 2014

Hamburg – Founded in October 2013, RadioScreen GmbH is on the verge of releasing a new audiovisual advertising format that connects and synchronizes the classic radio advertisement simultaneously with an interactive visual offer in the smartphone and tablet apps of participating radio programs. With a patent-pending technical solution, radio advertising will not only be audible, but also visible. Additionally, whole new possibilities emerge for advertisers as well as radio listeners, by allowing response elements to be integrated into the radio advertising, thereby making them more valuable.

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There is no such thing as „digital“…. [Background]

September 28, 2014

„There is no such thing as ‚digital,'“ writes Wolfgang Blau, former CEO of Zeit Online, now the Director of Digital Strategy at the London Guardian, while in Chicago taking part in the annual conference of the Online News Association. What does he mean? With a look at the social demographics, the topics of interest, the regional distribution, the access to a certain offer, customer loyalty, and many other factors, from his perspective it relatively quickly becomes clear that – in this case concerning news in printed media, TV, and radio – there is a diverse range of user groups and user behavior depending on whether one accesses the internet using a browser, a tablet, or a smartphone.

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The 3 worlds of radio [Background]

March 21, 2014 – Radioszene

The perspectives could hardly be further apart. There is a very loud chorus of critics from various sources who are lamenting the downfall of the sophisticated radio of yesteryear: always the same monotonous drone of cookie-cutter radio formats, the lack of imagination in the repetitive promotions and advertisements, its inability to function as a trailblazer for pop culture, and its growing irrelevance in media.

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Listening to the radio online: an overestimated phenomenon, wrong consequences [Background]

April 7, 2014 – Radioszene

The discussion about the future broadcasting method(s) for radio at times seems similar to an ideological war: digital radio, wi-fi radio, smartphone radio, hybrid radio. The combatants are fighting with a heavy saber and with unshakeable certainty in their beliefs. Only the good old FM radio appears to have no chance in this debate.

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Radio apps: the unused chance [Background]

March 25, 2014 – Radioszene

Radio and the mobile web: what belongs together will grow together, right? Or does one mean the death of the other? About 40 million Germans (and the trend is increasing) own a smartphone and/or a tablet nowadays. In January 2014, 50% of internet users accessed the internet while on the move (January 2012: 29%), 70% of the daily Facebook activity in Germany runs via mobile devices.

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